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Month: August 2019

Fentanyl Trade Is Spreading, Feds Warn

The market for fentanyl, the deadly synthetic opioid, is growing in rapid and disturbing ways, a series of advisories released Wednesday by the Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP) indicate. The advisories lay out the ways private enterprises—including e-commerce sites, shippers, and pharmaceutical interests—could help to combat what is likely the deadliest drug in U.S. history. Recent Stories in Issues Fentanyl Trade Is Spreading, Feds Warn Gun Control Groups Quietly Lobbied for Looser Gun Law in Effort to Undermine SCOTUS Case Illegal Drugs Are a $150-Billion-a-Year Business In 2018, more than 30,000 drug overdose deaths involved fentanyl or its analogs, meaning that synthetic opioids killed more people than heroin, methamphetamine, or cocaine. Fentanyl is 50 to 100 times more potent than morphine, which means it packs a high potency into a small volume. Much of the U.S. drug supply is now adulterated with the drug, meaning that even users attempting to avoid opioids and control their use may accidentally overdose and die. According to ONDCP, most of the fentanyl in the United States is produced in China, then smuggled in over the northern and southwestern borders or shipped in via shipping containers or the U.S. mail. On Wednesday, the Treasury Department announced that it had designated two Chinese nationals and a Chinese drug trafficking organization as “significant foreign narcotics traffickers” under federal law, adding yet another group to...

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Italy And Salvini Face Real Crisis Now

Authored by Tom Luongo, With the resignation of Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte the future of Italy is now up in the air. There are many things that come into play with Conte resigning before the No-Confidence vote tabled by Lega Leader Matteo Salvini could take place. The euro popped 40 pips, back above support at $1.11 on the news. The forex markets realize this was a Brussels-friendly move. Conte didn’t want to chance getting voted out of office. That makes it difficult for President Sergei Mattarella to call for a new government without snap elections. The Italian Senate would have formally rebuked Mattarella’s compromise pick for Prime Minister, Conte. Conte was there to effectively keep the children in line – Euroskeptics Lega and Five Star Movement (M5S). So, Conte used his time to take the bully pulpit and excoriate Salvini for twenty minutes. This gives the U.S. and European media plenty of chum to make their case against Salvini. You will hear a lot about how non-partisan Conte did this for the sake of Italy to stop the mad, selfish and unprofessional Salvini from taking power. It’s good political theater but it’s as disingenuous as the day is long and very much the truth. No one in power in Brussels wants what Salvini is selling. Not many in Rome do either. Because had he not resigned Mattarella could have...

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U.S. Clears Sale of F-16 Jets to Taiwan

The Trump administration on Tuesday formally cleared the sale of 66 new F-16 jet fighters to Taiwan in a bid to bolster the island nation’s air power. Randall Schriver, assistant defense secretary for Indo-Pacific security affairs, said the jet sale is partly a response to the growing threat posed by China. Recent Stories in National Security U.S. Clears Sale of F-16 Jets to Taiwan U.S. Tests First Ground-Launched Cruise Missile Since INF Withdrawal North Korea’s Kim Oversaw the Test-Firing of New Weapon Again “We’ve tracked the growing threat for a long time,” Schriver told the Washington Free Beacon, noting annual Pentagon reports. “In addition, part of Taiwan’s air force is aging and in need of replacements,” he said. “This sale is needed in order for Taiwan to keep a viable air defense,” Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said Monday: “The president approved the notice that went up to Capitol Hill … last week so that we could move forward with these F-16 sales.” “These are deeply consistent with the arrangements, the historical relationship between the United States and China, the three communiques that layer on top of that,” he told Fox News. “Our actions are consistent with past U.S. policy. We are simply following through on the commitments we’ve made to all of the parties.” The State Department made the formal congressional notification on Wednesday and said the F-16 C/D...

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“Superior To S-300”: Iran Unveils Domestic-Made Long Range Air Defense System

At a moment that Iran and the US/UK are effectively already at war on the open seas in an ongoing “tanker war,” Tehran is set to unveil a new Iran-manufactured long range air-defense missile system which could rival Russia’s S-300 system.  Citing state media, the Associated Press described “the Bavar-373 is a long-range surface-to-air missile system able to recognize up to 100 targets at a same time and confront them with six different weapons.”   Screengrab of new state media footage published this week.  Iran’s semi-official Fars news agency indicated the system will be fully unveiled in a ceremony on Thursday, on the occasion of the country’s “Defense Industries day”. The Iranian military has been increasingly reliant on its burgeoning domestic defense manufacturing industry in the face of crippling US sanctions. Since the early 1990’s it’s been able to develop tanks, submarines, and light and heavy munitions, and more recently touted an Iran-build stealth warship.  State media called the soon to be revealed Bavar-373 system a “deterrence against threats” uniquely produced domestically due to the “continuous sanctions imposed by the enemies” of the Islamic Republic. The first footage of the system was released Tuesday through state sources ahead of Thursday’s unveiling ceremony.  Russian aviation publication Avia.Pro claimed early this week that the Iranian system is “superior” to the S-300. It’s reportedly been undergoing testing since 2017, but it’s unclear how quickly it will actually be deployed into operation.  “The Iranian Bavar-373 radars can...

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Solomon: If Trump Declassifies These 10 Documents, Democrats Are Doomed

As the Russiagate circus attempts to quietly disappear over the horizon, with Democrats preferring to shift the anti-Trump narrative back to “racist”, “white supremacist”, “xenophobe”, and the mainstream media ready to squawk “recession”; the Trump administration may have a few more cards up its sleeve before anyone claims the higher ground in this farce we call an election campaign. Source As The Hill’s John Solomon details, in September 2018 that President Trump told my Hill.TV colleague Buck Sexton and me that he would order the release of all classified documents showing what the FBI, the Department of Justice (DOJ) and other U.S. intelligence agencies may have done wrong in the Russia probe. And while it’s been almost a year since then, of feet-dragging and cajoling and deep-state-fighting, we wonder, given Solomon’s revelations below, if the president is getting ready to play his ‘Trump’ card. Here are the documents that Solomon believes  have the greatest chance of rocking Washington, if declassified: 1.)   Christopher Steele’s confidential human source reports at the FBI. These documents, known in bureau parlance as 1023 reports, show exactly what transpired each time Steele and his FBI handlers met in the summer and fall of 2016 to discuss his anti-Trump dossier. The big reveal, my sources say, could be the first evidence that the FBI shared sensitive information with Steele, such as the existence of the classified Crossfire Hurricane operation targeting the...

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