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Visualizing The Jeff Bezos Empire In One Giant Chart

With a fortune largely tied to his 79 million Amazon shares, the net worth of Jeff Bezos has continued to rise. Most recently, as Visual Capitalist’s Jeff Desjardins points out, the Amazon founder was even able to surpass Bill Gates on the global wealth leaderboard with $137 billion to his name – however, this ascent to the very top may be extremely short-lived. On January 9th, 2019, Jeff Bezos announced on Twitter that he was divorcing MacKenzie Bezos, his wife of 25 years. While the precise ramifications of the news are not yet clear, it’s anticipated that MacKenzie Bezos could end up with a considerable portion of shares in Amazon as a result. There is much to be decided as the world’s wealthiest couple splits their assets – but for now, here is a list of what Jeff Bezos owns today. THE JEFF BEZOS EMPIRE IN 2019 Courtesy of: Visual Capitalist The obvious centerpiece to the Jeff Bezos Empire is the 16% ownership stake in However, beyond that, there is a wide variety of other investments and acquisitions that Jeff Bezos has made through Amazon or his other investment vehicles. These range from household names to more secretive endeavors, and are worth looking at to truly understand his assets and fortune. AMAZON.COM Amazon makes acquisitions and investments that relate to the company’s core business and future ambitions. This includes acquisitions...

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Beyond BuzzFeed: The 10 Worst, Most Embarrassing US Media Failures On The Trump/Russia Story

Authored by Glenn Greenwald via The Intercept, Buzzfeed was once notorious for traffic-generating “listicles”, but has since become an impressive outlet for deep investigative journalism under editor-in-chief Ben Smith. That outlet was prominently in the news this week thanks to its “bombshell” story about President Trump and Michael Cohen: a story that, like so many others of its kind, blew up in its face, this time when the typically mute Robert Mueller’s office took the extremely rare step to label its key claims “inaccurate.” But in homage to BuzzFeed’s past viral glory, following are the top ten worst media failures in two-plus-years of Trump/Russia reporting. They are listed in reverse order, as measured by the magnitude of the embarrassment, the hysteria they generated on social media and cable news, the level of journalistic recklessness that produced them, and the amount of damage and danger they caused. This list was extremely difficult to compile in part because news outlets (particularly CNN and MSNBC) often delete from the internet the video segments of their most embarrassing moments. Even more challenging was the fact that the number of worthy nominees is so large that highly meritorious entrees had to be excluded, but are acknowledged at the end with (dis)honorable mention status. Note that all of these “errors” go only in one direction: namely, exaggerating the grave threat posed by Moscow and the Trump circle’s connection to it. It’s inevitable that media outlets will...

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Arctic Blast Brings Dangerously Cold Wind Chills To Northeast 

The coldest air of the year and possibly the Winter 2018-2019 season has descended southward toward the East Coast, can create life-threatening situations for those who lose power and cannot heat their homes. Wind chill warnings and advisories have been posted by the National Weather Service from the Midwest into the mid-Atlantic, upstate New York and New England. “After a strong winter storm impacted the East this weekend, cold air has spilled in behind this system. Temperatures Monday morning were in the single digits above and below zero across New England with teens above zero as far south as North Carolina. This, combined with gusty winds is making it feel even colder. As such, wind chill advisories and wind chill warnings are in effect across the Northeast as it will feel below zero through the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday. This will have an impact on the ski resort industry, with some mountains electing to close due to the adverse weather conditions,” reported Meteorologist and owner of Empire Weather LLC., Ed Vallee. Wind chills were below zero Monday morning in New York City, Boston, and Philadelphia. Interior locations such as Buffalo, New York, and Burlington, Vermont also experienced wind chills in the 20s below zero. Subzero wind chills were even reported as far south as Asheville, North Carolina. Monday’s highs are likely to hold the low teens along the Interstate 95 corridor that stretches from the Baltimore–Washington metropolitan area to Boston. Although this arctic...

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Harrington: BuzzFeed Story Shows ‘Journalistic Standards and Ethics Were Thrown Out’ Upon Election of Trump

Washington Free Beacon senior writer Elizabeth Harrington said Monday BuzzFeed News’ story accusing the president of suborning perjury is a disgrace to journalism. Special counsel Robert Mueller’s office released a statement disputing the report that President Donald Trump told his longtime lawyer Michael Cohen to lie to Congress. The media widely reported BuzzFeed’s “bombshell” Friday before Mueller disputed it, and media figures expressed frustration that the story hadn’t been a successful blow against Trump. On Fox News’ “America’s Newsroom,” Harrington agreed with Trump’s contention that BuzzFeed’s story and the media reaction were disgraceful. “It is a disgrace, and the fact is that journalistic standards and ethics were thrown out on November 9, 2016,” she said. “They run with anything. The new standard is ‘get Trump.'” She drew attention to the way media organizations speculated without confirming BuzzFeed’s reporting. “It was not just BuzzFeed—which has done this before, no matter how flimsy it is,” she said. “Every other media outlet ran with the story and said, ‘Let’s speculate. Let’s call for the president’s impeachment over something that turns out to not be true.’” She said a conservative outlet would be chastised for such shoddy reporting. “Imagine if a conservative outlet did this and ran with a story this flimsy and the Special Counsel’s Office came out and said ‘Actually this is not accurate.’ Would they be allowed to go on...

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Confused Algos BTFD At European Close After Panic-Selling ‘US Open’

Update: Seems the intraday pattern is fully embedded in the machines’ code. The European close (1130ET) triggered a wave of algo buying to erase the ignorant selling at the US Open (which did not take place due to the holiday)… *  *  * 930ET on the dot… and US equity futures plunge… “Efficient” indeed. And as stocks tumbled, gold...

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