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The 2020 Olympics Are Likely To Be A Disaster

Authored by Dave Zirin and Jules Boykoff via, After spending a day with Tokyo’s anti-Olympics organizers, it was clear why they are angry about the 2020 Olympics—and that they are ready to fight. At first glance, this must appear to be the politest anti-Olympics movement imaginable. The group fighting against the games is known as Okotowari Olympics 2020, or No Thanks Olympics 2020. However, after spending a day among them, it is clear that the honchos in the Japanese Olympic Committee should be worried. These organizers are feisty, whip-smart, and their goal is nothing short of preventing next year’s Olympics from landing in Tokyo. Their concerns are based on the recent history of what happens to a city after the Olympics descend: debt, displacement, and hyper-militarization. For them, it is also a question of priorities. In the words of one organizer, Tomiko, “People are still suffering from [the earthquake and Fukushima nuclear meltdown of] 2011. The government needs to spend money to help those still suffering, not on the Olympics.” This group of activists and agitators spent the day taking a disparate group of three dozen people—many from past or future Olympic cities—on a tour of Olympic building projects already underway. By the time they were finished, it was very clear why they were protesting. Akio Yoshida, who, like several of the Okotowari organizers, cut her teeth doing...

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ICE Arrests Only 35 Out Of 2,000 Migrants Targeted In “Operation Border Resolve”

Despite resistance from Democrats and hysterical accusations about the administration’s policy of running ‘concentration camps’ at the Southern border, the Trump Administration carried out its long-planned immigration raids last week. Unfortunately, the raids weren’t as successful as ICE might have hoped, which is probably why the administration didn’t go out of its way to publicize the results. But somehow, the New York Times got its hands on the numbers, reportedly leaked by senior Homeland Security officials who may or may not have an axe to grind. This is what the paper reported: Out of 2,105 migrants targeted in more than a dozen cities, ICE succeeded in arresting 35. That’s a success rate of just over 1.6%. Officials privately blamed the flop on the fact that President Trump gave the raids – which he named Operation Border Resolve – so much publicity. The operation was planned as a “show of strength” amid the continuing crisis at the border, even as the number of arrests and the number of people crossing the border has retreated slightly since the highs reached in the spring. For example, Trump warned that the raids would target migrants who had received final deportation orders, but who had not reported to ICE to begin the deportation process. These migrants then had weeks – thanks to repeated delays – to consult immigration lawyers, turn to the help of...

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America: An Us Vs. Them Country

Authored by Patrick Buchanan via, “Send her back! Send her back!” The 13 seconds of that chant at the rally in North Carolina, in response to Donald Trump’s recital of the outrages of Somali-born Congresswoman Ilhan Omar, will not soon be forgotten, or forgiven. This phrase will have a long shelf life. T-shirts emblazoned with “Send Her Back!” and Old Glory are already on sale on eBay. Look for the chant at future Trump rallies, as his followers now realize that the chant drives the elites straight up the wall. That 13-second chant and Trump’s earlier tweet to the four radical congresswomen of “the Squad” to “go back” to where they came from is being taken as the smoking gun that convicts Trump as an irredeemable racist whose “base” is poisoned by the same hate. Writes The New York Times’ Charles Blow in a column that uses “racist” or “racism” more than 30 times: Americans who do not concede that Trump is a racist — are themselves racists: “Make no mistake. Denying racism or refusing to call it out is also racist.” But what is racism? Is it not a manifest dislike or hatred of people of color because of their color? Trump was not denouncing the ethnicity or race of Ilhan Omar in his rally speech. He was reciting and denouncing what Omar said, just as Nancy...

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Not The Onion: NY Times Urges Trump To Establish Closer Ties With Moscow

In 2016 a Russia-Trump campaign collusion conspiracy was afoot and unfolding right before our eyes, we were told, as during his roll-out foreign policy speech at the Mayflower Hotel in Washington, D.C., then candidate Trump said [gasp!]: “Common sense says this cycle, this horrible cycle of hostility must end and ideally will end soon. Good for both countries. Some say the Russians won’t be reasonable. I intend to find out.” NPR and others had breathlessly reported at the time, “Sergey Kislyak, then the Russian ambassador to the U.S., was sitting in the front row” [more gasps!]. This ‘suspicious’ “coincidence or something more?” event and of course the infamous Steele ‘Dodgy Dossier’ were followed by over two more years of the following connect-the-dots mere tiny sampling of unrestrained theorizing and avalanche of accusations… Here’s a very brief trip down memory lane:    2017, Politico: The Hidden History of Trump’s First Trip to Moscow 2017, NYT: Trump’s Russia Motives (where we were told: “President Trump certainly seems to have a strange case of Russophilia.”) 2017, Business Insider: James Clapper: Putin is handling Trump like a Russian ‘asset’ 2017, USA Today: Donald Trump’s ties to Russia go back 30 years 2018, NYT: Trump, Treasonous Traitor 2018, AP: Russia had ‘Trump over a barrel’ 2018, BBC: Russia: The ‘cloud’ over the Trump White House 2018, NYT: From the Start, Trump Has Muddied a Clear Message: Putin Interfered 2018, USA Today: “From Putin with love” 2019, WaPo: Here are 18...

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Gallup: Mentions Of Immigration As Top Problem Surpass Record High

Authored by Jeffrey Jones, via Gallup Highlights: 27% identify immigration as the most important U.S. problem Surpasses record 23% naming the issue in June A small number of issues have ever eclipsed 27% mentions since 2001 After hitting a new high last month, mentions of immigration as the most important problem facing the U.S. increased further to 27% in July. Since Gallup began regularly recording mentions of the issue in 1993, immigration has been cited by an average of 6% of Americans, though it has been higher in recent years. There have been occasional, typically short-lived, spikes when major immigration events were occurring. The July 1-12 poll was conducted as the U.S. government continues to struggle to handle the large number of Central American immigrants attempting to enter the U.S. via the U.S.-Mexico border. The issue was brought into sharper focus in early July when Democratic congressional leaders and Republican Vice President Mike Pence made separate trips to facilities that are holding the migrants as they await asylum hearings. While Republican and Democratic leaders’ assessments of the situation differed, both acknowledged overcrowded conditions and characterized the situation at the border as a crisis. Republicans have typically been more likely than Democrats and independents to name immigration as the most important problem, and that is still the case. In the latest survey, 42% of Republicans, 20% of independents and 20%...

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