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Silver Specs Signal It’s Time To Start Buying

Authored by John Rubino via, The gold futures market took a big step towards bullish — or at least neutral — in the past week. Speculators (usually wrong at big turning points) scaled back their long bets while commercials (usually right at turning points) reduced their net short positions. This is progress, but still leaves speculators long and commercials short. The message: wait a few more weeks for 2019’s best entry point. But silver’s story is a lot more interesting. In that market, speculators are now aggressively net short: Here’s the same data in graphical form: Note that in September 2018, the last time speculators were comparably net short (visually, with the gray bars below the above graph’s center divide), silver was putting in a bottom that preceded a nice run through February of 2019. This divergence between gold (wait and see) and silver (start buying now) is confirmed by the gold/silver ratio, which is at a multi-year high, implying that silver is undervalued relative to gold. Past spikes in this ratio have preceded precious metals bull markets in which silver outperformed...

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Former CNN Contributors Slam ‘Hate Trump’ Network That ‘Openly Despises Conservatives’ 

A spate of conservatives who used to be employed by CNN have come forward with claims that they were driven out by the network’s rampant “anti-Trump” bias and a culture that “openly despises conservatives.”  “Most of us got squeezed out involuntarily,” said former Georgia congressman and CNN contributor, Jack Kingston in an interview with Mediaite. “I was there for two years and was certainly willing to continue. It was clear to me in the end that the Republicans they prefer are anti-Trump Republicans.“ Former Congressman Jack Kingston and wife Libby, 2014 Another former contributor – former NYPD Detective and counterterrorism expert Harry J. Jouck said “My contract with CNN wasn’t renewed because I disagreed with Brain Seltzer on air and heard I was immediately pulled off by Zucker, I had 6 months left on my contract and was never on again after that!” My contract with CNN wasn’t renewed because I disagreed with Brain Seltzer on air and heard I was immediately pulled off by Zucker, I had 6 months left on my contract and was never on again after that! — Harry J Houck (@harryjhouck) May 25, 2019 Other conservatives to get the shaft include Ed Martin and Jeffrey Lord, who were fired for comments made outside the network, as well as former South Carolina Lt. Gov. Andrew Bauer. Former Trump campaign and administration officials Corey Lewandowski, Jason Miller...

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“Wikipedia Is… Broken,” Controlled By Special Interests & Bad Actors Says Co-Founder

Authored by Sharyl Attkisson, I’ve done quite a bit of reporting about how Wikipedia is definitely not “the encyclopedia anyone can edit.” It’s become a vehicle for special interests to control information. Agenda editors are able to prevent or revert edits and sourcing on selected issues and people in order to control the narrative. My own battle with Wikipedia included being unable to correct provably false facts such as incorrect job history, incorrect birth place and incorrect birth date. What’s worse is that agenda editors related to pharmaceutical interests and the partisan blog Media Matters control my Wikipedia biographical page, making sure that slanted or false information stays on it. For example, they falsely refer to my reporting as “anti-vaccine,” and imply my reporting on the topic has been discredited. In fact, my vaccine and medical reporting has been recognized by top national journalism awards organizations, and has even been cited as a source in a peer reviewed scientific publication. However, anyone who tries to edit this factual context and footnotes onto my page finds it is quickly removed. What persists on my page, however, are sources that are supposedly disallowed by Wikipedia’s policies. They include citations by Media Matters, with no disclosure that it’s a partisan blog. Another entity quoted on my Wikipedia biographical page to disparage my work is the vaccine industry’s Dr. Paul Offit. But there’s no mention...

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Top Democrat Slams “Studio Gangster” Trump

Rep. Hakeem Jeffries (D-NY) said on Sunday that President Trump is a “studio gangster” – talking tough but not backing it up, after Trump walked out on an infrastructure meeting last week with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and Chuck Schumer (D-NY), citing the ongoing Congressional investigations into he and his administration. “Donald Trump is functionally a studio gangster. He pretends to be a tough guy but he really is just playing that role on TV,” Jeffries told MSNBC‘s Chuck Todd, adding “He pretends to be a tough guy, but he is really just playing that role on TV. Hopefully, he will have gotten this temper tantrum out of his system. He can come back from Japan. We have crumbling bridges, roads, tunnels, airports, mass transportation systems. We need to get to work to fix it. We have a plan and we’d like to do it in a bipartisan way.”  “You know, the president didn’t just walk out on a meeting with [House Speaker] Nancy Pelosi and infrastructure, Chuck. He walked out on the American people,” he added.  Jeffries danced around the question of impeachment, saying “We work for the American people. We have a constitutional responsibility to serve as a check and balance on a potentially out-of-control executive branch. But we will not overreach. We will not overinvestigate. We will not overpoliticize that responsibility. We will proceed as...

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Macron Suffers Huge Blow With Defeat To Le Pen

In what may be the biggest shock from today’s European parliamentary elections, President Emmanuel Macron is set to suffer a blow with French voters set to hand a victory to Marine Le Pen’s National Rally, picking the vocal Eurosceptic and nationalist over the former Rothschild banker. Macron’s Republic on The Move will have just 22.5% of the vote compared with 24% for Le Pen, according to pollsters Ifop. With Macron and Le Pen neck and neck ahead of the elections, the outcome will be a humiliation for the liberal politician who said before the elections that everything less than 1st place would be a defeat. Rounding out the The Greens were third with 13%, the conservative Republicans got 8%, while the implosion of the Socialists continues, coming in dead last with just 6.5% of the vote. Macron’s default took place even as turnout was up around 10% points from 2014, however the increase was particularly marked in regions where Le Pen’s party has gained ground in the past years. In other words, as establishment apathy gets entrenched, the populist vote is increasingly demanding to be heard. It gets worse: to the shock of globalists and statists everywhere, this is Le Pen’s second straight victory in the EU vote. In 2014 she beat the conservatives by 4 percentage points with Macron’s Socialist predecessor Francois Hollande trailing in third. As Bloomberg...

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