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French Municipal Elections: Macron RĂ©gime Shudders As It Fails To Win A Single City

French Municipal Elections: Macron Régime Shudders As It Fails To Win A Single City Tyler Durden Fri, 07/03/2020 – 05:10 Authored by Guillaume Durocher via The Unz Review, Under the shadow of coronavirus, the French people people have elected their mayors and local councilors for the next six years. Well, some of them did, as a vast wave of apathy swept the nation, leading to a turnout of just 44.7% (19 points lower than in 2014). Perhaps the COVID innovation of mass house arrests has turned the whole nation into homebodies. Results of second round of French municipal elections in selected cities. Image credit: Visactu. Green candidates, often in alliance with the Pinks (Socialists), have seized control of twenty cities, including Bordeaux, Lyon, and Strasbourg. The media is trying to spin this as some kind of national mandate. Le Monde claims President Emmanuel Macron must “green” his policies as a result, but that seems like a great overstatement. Source: Le Monde The victories of the bobo-green left are certainly a significant indicator. But really it only concerns a couple million urbanites. What is more striking for me is the complete fragmentation of the political landscape. The incumbent mayors who were reelected to office typically did so by distancing themselves from their national party. This was the case of the mayoress of Paris, the archetypal wine-bar feminist Anne Hidalgo, who handily won reelection...

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Do Brits Miss Going To The Pub?

Do Brits Miss Going To The Pub? Tyler Durden Fri, 07/03/2020 – 04:35 As pubs around the UK gear up for reopening after over 100 days of lockdown-based closure, you might expect that swathes of the population are raring to get back through the doors. But, as Statista’s Martin Armstrong notes, a  new YouGov survey reveals though, only 7 percent of British adults said they have missed going to the pub ‘very much’. You will find more infographics at Statista While 20 percent miss it a fair bit, almost half said they are either miss the pub not very much or not at all. A quarter said that they don’t go to the pub anyway. It seems a lot has changed in old blighty since we...

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Escobar: Barbarism Begins At Home

Escobar: Barbarism Begins At Home Tyler Durden Fri, 07/03/2020 – 04:00 Authored by Pepe Escobar via The Asia Times, Caesar ‘Civilian Protection Act’ moves Russia-China-Iran closer to Axis of Resistance’s Syria, Iraq, Hezbollah Greece invented the concept of barbaros. Imperial Rome inherited it as barbarus. The original meaning of barbaros is rooted in language: an onomatopoeia meaning “unintelligible speech” as people go “bar bar bar” when they talk. Homer does not refer to barbaros, but to barbarophonos (“of unintelligible speech”), as in those who don’t speak Greek or speak very badly. Comic poet Aristophanes suggested that Gorgias was a barbarian because he spoke a strong Sicilian dialect. Barbaru meant “foreigner” in Babylonian-Sumerian. Those of us who studied Latin in school remember balbutio (“stammer”, “stutter”, babble”). So it was speech that defined the barbarian compared to the Greek. Thucydides thought that Homer did not use “barbarians” because in his time Greeks “hadn’t yet been divided off so as to have a single common name by way of contrast”. The point is clear: the barbarian was defined as in opposition to the Greek. The Greeks invented the barbarian concept after the Persian invasions by Darius I and Xerxes I in 490 and 480-479 BC. After all they had to clearly separate themselves from the non-Greek. Aeschylus staged The Persians in 472 BC. That was the turning point; after that “barbarian” was everyone who was not Greek – Persians, Phoenicians, Phrygians,...

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Whitehead: America’s Revolutionary Founders Would Be Anti-Government Extremists Today

Whitehead: America’s Revolutionary Founders Would Be Anti-Government Extremists Today Tyler Durden Thu, 07/02/2020 – 23:55 Authored by John Whitehead via The Rutherford Institute, “It is the duty of the patriot to protect his country from its government.” – Thomas Paine “When the government violates the people’s rights, insurrection is, for the people and for each portion of the people, the most sacred of the rights and the most indispensable of duties.” – Marquis De Lafayette Had the Declaration of Independence been written today, it would have rendered its signers extremists or terrorists, resulting in them being placed on a government watch list, targeted for surveillance of their activities and correspondence, and potentially arrested, held indefinitely, stripped of their rights and labeled enemy combatants. This is no longer the stuff of speculation and warning. In fact, Attorney General William Barr recently announced plans to target, track and surveil “anti-government extremists” and preemptively nip in the bud any “threats” to  public safety and the rule of law. It doesn’t matter that the stated purpose of Barr’s anti-government extremist task force is to investigate dissidents on the far right (the “boogaloo” movement) and far left (antifa, a loosely organized anti-fascist group) who have been accused of instigating violence and disrupting peaceful protests. Boogaloo and Antifa have given the government the perfect excuse for declaring war (with all that entails: surveillance, threat assessments, pre-crime, etc.) against...

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Thailand Monkey Wars Escalate As Rival Gangs Force Locals To Flee Homes

Thailand Monkey Wars Escalate As Rival Gangs Force Locals To Flee Homes Tyler Durden Thu, 07/02/2020 – 23:30 Monkeys in the Thai city of Lopburi have become particularly aggressive since coronavirus lockdowns significantly cut into the supply of treat-throwing tourists which had been feeding the city’s wild macaques. The monkeys, numbering in the thousands, have set up shop in an abandoned local cinema – brawling with each other when they aren’t aggressively attacking locals. They’re also super horny, according to The Telegraph. Local efforts to offer the monkey mobs some nutrition may have backfired as some say a sugary diet of fizzy drinks, cereal and sweets has fuelled the animals’ sex lives, making their population grow even more.  “The more they eat, the more energy they have… so they breed more,” Pramot Ketampai, who manages the city’s Prang Sam Yod temple shrines, told AFP. –The Telegraph In March, a rival monkey gang staged a ‘brazen raid’ on a group of macaques trying to butt in on their territory near the Phra Kan Shrine. The street fight caused mayhem, as traffic came to a standstill for approximately 10 minutes during the melee. Hoards of starving monkeys storm Lopburi in central Thailand after the tourists who usually feed them fled due to #Coronavirus — Shakthi #StayHomeSaveLives (@v_shakthi) April 9, 2020 “With the tourists gone, they’ve been more aggressive, fighting humans...

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