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Facebook App Is Secretly Accessing iPhone Users’ Camera

Facebook App Is Secretly Accessing iPhone Users’ Camera Authored by Mac Slavo via, While unsuspecting iPhone users read their daily dose of mainstream media news, the Facebook app is secretly accessing the camera on their smartphones. But Facebook says not worry: it’s only a bug… Users, however, are rightly concerned that Facebook is recording them as they use the app. Unlike on Apple’s computers, there is no indicator when an app is accessing the camera, so it is possible for an app to do so in secret, as reported by The Independent. Facebook says the strange behavior is caused by a bug that was added to the code by accident and that there is no indication that photos or videos are being sent to its servers. The company claims an update has already been submitted to Apple that should remove it. In the meantime, the potential security flaw can be avoided by a simple fix in the iPhone settings that keeps Facebook from seeing the camera at all. The bug first came to light after users noted that the app would occasionally shift the entire feed over to the right, as part of what appeared to be a bug. Underneath that main app a different screen could be seen – which showed video from the phone’s built-in camera. –The Independent “We recently discovered that version 244 of the Facebook iOS app would...

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Meet The Company Building A Lithium Ion Battery That’s “Less Likely To Explode”

Meet The Company Building A Lithium Ion Battery That’s “Less Likely To Explode” Paging Elon Musk… SimpliPhi is a company based in Oxnard, California that is trying to tackle the problem of making a clean battery to store power. The company makes what it calls “clean, safe lithium-ion batteries, free of cobalt, the toxic element that can lead batteries to overheat and catch fire.” The company’s power systems use lithium iron phosphate (LFP), which is a compound that doesn’t carry the risks of traditional lithium ion batteries, according to Bloomberg. Companies like Blue Planet Energy and Sonnen are also using the LFP technology to make safer batteries. ClintoSimpliPhi’s batteries have already been adopted by groups like the n Foundation, who has installed their batteries, management software and other tools in hospitals and clinics on Puerto Rico after it was ravaged by Hurricane Maria. The model is also working for California homeowners and businesses that are dealing with persistent blackouts as a result of the state’s ongoing wildfires.  Each of these companies is also competing with Tesla and other battery makers to play a larger role in shifting energy away from fossil fuels.  Lithium ion batteries are a decades old technology and are considered crucial to widespread adoption of green energy, like wind and solar, because the electricity generated needs to be stored somewhere. Energy storage worldwide is expected to...

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