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Lawyer Wants Out of Louisiana Bar Association

A Louisiana lawyer joined a growing number of attorneys challenging the payment of mandatory membership dues to state bar associations. The lawsuits argue that mandatory dues used to fund the associations’ lobbying and legislative activity violate the free speech rights of individual lawyers. Recent Stories in Issues Lawyer Wants Out of Louisiana Bar Association NC Dem Judges Soft on Sex Crimes Trump Orders Mail Carriers to Search Chinese Packages for Fentanyl Randy Boudreaux filed the lawsuit against the Louisiana State Bar Association (LSBA) on Aug. 1. The insurance defense attorney told the Washington Free Beacon that the case drew from the Supreme Court’s 2018 Janus decision. The majority in the 5-4 decision said that forcing workers to pay compulsory dues or fees to public sector labor unions violated the First Amendment rights of workers. “The LSBA…uses those compelled dues to engage in political and ideological speech, including advocacy on issues of public policy,” Boudreaux’s lawsuit says. All 50 states require prospective attorneys to be admitted to the state bar before they are able to practice law. Boudreaux said lawyers are being compelled to pay for political activities and lobbying undertaken by the associations. “The lawsuit is looking to change the status quo, which could mean the bar association makes membership voluntary or it stops taking political stances,” Boudreaux said in a phone interview. Similar lawsuits have been filed in...

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Review: ‘Thank You For My Service’

Mat Best is an American man’s man, someone who loves “man s—t like beards and whiskey and guns and hot chicks in American flag bikinis.” Beneath layers of playful, irreverent humor, Best’s memoir Thank You For My Service is a serious book about a former Army Ranger navigating his way back into civilian life, overcoming an addiction to war, and trying to support his fellow veterans. Best’s book covers everything—his decision to join the military out of high school, his deployments in Iraq and Afghanistan, and more than a modest portion of his sex life. After serving multiple deployments in Iraq, he wrestled with the question of whether to stay in the military. Recent Stories in Culture Review: ‘Thank You For My Service’ The Case of the Disappearing Editors Former US Attorney Appointed Special Prosecutor in Smollett Case “Was I going to age too rapidly and burn myself out over here and miss all of my twenties if I stayed? Probably. Would it be more rewarding to stay? Maybe. Would I regret not giving the carefree twenties a shot? I didn’t know,” Best writes. Yet the transition proved challenging. College initially seemed compelling, but an afternoon on a campus listening to students’ conversations—and their “fundamental lack of understanding of how the world works”—dissuaded him from that path. He then opted for a job in private security that ended in...

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